If you are anything like me, fall can become a very hectic time for you. From Back to School, working, catching up on everything you ‘gave yourself a break’ from during the summer, to numerous Holiday’s, it can be a really difficult process mapping out time to just have fun and NOT feel guilty about it. However, one of the kindest things you can do is FORGIVE your damn self for not ALWAYS being on the ball, and carve out time to enjoy the little things (or in other words- stop to smell the pumpkin spiced lattes). I definitely do not take enough time to stop and “smell the roses” as they say- so I decided to create a ‘to-do’ list for myself to make sure I’m putting down the books and getting my butt out of the house (the struggle).

Here are 10 things to add to your bucket list this fall (in no particular order because they are all awesome):



go wine tasting (2).png

Ciders are a personal favourite of mine, and theres nothing like that crisp apple taste on a cool evening (or afternoon- let’s be honest). Since moving to Halifax in 2016, I’ve been dying to check out Chain Yard Cider on Agricola St and get one one of their flights (folks, I’m talking 4x 4oz ciders for 10.50).

Also- Chain Yard Cidery is “Halifax’s first and only cidery dedicated to making awesome, approachable, unique and traditional ciders made from 100% Nova Scotia Apples- we never, ever, ever use concentrate” (www.chainyardcider.com) YOU HEARD IT, THEY ARE AWESOME AND UNIQUE #saynotoconcentrate

From my fall ‘bucket-list’ to yours, check out Chain Yard Cider (and if you go before me- tell your girl how it was!)



go wine tasting (3).png

PSA: Halifax has the OLDEST GHOST WALK IN NORTH AMERICA (founded in 1990 –  wait, I was born in ’94 how old are we thinking this is??)

So in hopes of seeing some spooky haligonian ghosts, and learning all about the historic streets of Halifax, I am making it a point to hear some spooky ghost stories this fall.




go wine tasting (4).png

If you haven’t already, please make a point of getting up some Saturday morning, grabbing a cuppa joe, and taking a stroll through the Halifax Seaport Farmer’s Market. Check out all the local vendors, grab some lunch at any of the amazing food venders, and enjoy the view from upstairs!

My Farmers Market to buy list:

  • Noggins Corner Farm Market for a massive bottle of spiced apple cider to enjoy hot everyday (literally- fav fall/winter hot beverage)
  • SOME DAMN NICE FLOWERS FOR MYSELF, because I deserve it.




go wine tasting.png

Okay, admittedly this may take you a little out of Halifax. But if you are a lover of wine, wine drunks, feeling fancy, and have an instagram account, then you know that the ‘it’ thing to do in the early fall is go get classily piss drunk with your best friends at one of beautiful wine tours Annapolis Valley has to offer.

I personally have never been on a wine tour (shame on me), so you can be sure the girls are all taking a little road trip down to the valley this fall!



go wine tasting (6).png

This one’s a given. Go apple picking. Take too many home. Make all the things with the apples. Yes, I love apples.

And heres a little tip: If you buy way too many apples, make a pie and share it with your friends because everyone loves pie so everyone will love you.



go wine tasting (9).png

No word of a lie, when it comes to halloween tours I’m a baby. But I’m setting the goal to go to the haunted tours and let terrifying clowns scare the crap out of me- but no promises I’ll actually go through with it at the risk of my heart completely stopping.




go wine tasting (7).png

GUESS WHAT YOU DESERVE A FUN NIGHT OUT WITH FRIENDS, and if you’re a lover of music (you better be) then be a little wild, go out on a Wednesday or Thursday,  and check out Pop Explosion music festival- you’ll be very happy you did #noragrets

head on over to https://www.halifaxpopexplosion.com/  to take a look at all their amazing artists, tickets prices, venues and get all the info you need so you can have a seriously dope night.



go wine tasting (5).png

Grab your best friends, your partner, your family, or yo damn self and enjoy a scenic fall picnic in the Halifax Public Gardens or Point Pleasant Park. Nothing is more peaceful than observing the changing colours of the leaves, wrapping up in a cozy blanket, enjoying a warm beverage while catching up with a loved one (or reading an amazing book in solitude).

  • Pleasant Tip: picnics become less enjoyable (for me at least) as the weather gets colder so maybe make a point of doing this earlier on in the fall. Or don’t. You do you.



go wine tasting (1).png

Before it gets too cold, start a fun evening at the Halifax waterfront, wrapped up in a red blanket from The Bicycle Thief, and enjoying the crisp fall air with your favourite beverage in hand (and hopefully your favourite people!)

I don’t know about you, but I’ll definitely be walking the boardwalk to take in the beautiful waterfront views and spend way too much time looking for fishies in the harbour.




go wine tasting (8).png

ALRIGHT- this one is important. Do yourself a favour, and take a break from your hectic life and try to dedicate a day to taking care of yourself! Allow yourself to relax, slow your mind, let your body rest. Fill your time with the things that calm you, whether it’s curling up in bed with a good book, going to your favourite coffee shop to write, or watching your favourite movie with a tub of ice cream.

slow down. breathe. and carve out time to love yourself. because you deserve it.







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